A Guide to Effective Dog Arthritis Treatment

A Guide to Effective Dog Arthritis Treatment

Dog Arthritis TreatmentDog arthritis is a common condition that besets many of our canine friends. It is usually caused by a variety of reasons like age, weight, genetics and even an injury. For the most of us, we can help prevent this from happening to our pet through making sure we give them the best care possible. However, if your pet is already suffering from arthritis, do not worry – you can obtain the proper dog arthritis treatment to help your dog deal with his condition the best way possible.

There are several options you can choose from in dealing with canine arthritis. It is highly recommended that you consult with the veterinarian before anything else and have your dog undergo a thorough check-up. Fido may have some pre-existing medical conditions that you need to consider when deciding on the dog arthritis medicine you give him.

A common treatment for canine arthritis is NSAID. What are NSAIDs? These are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that function to provide relief from pain, reduce inflammation and hinder the advancement of the condition. While some human formulas have been said to work on canines’ never give the dog a medicine meant for a person unless specifically instructed by the vet.

Examples of NSAID drugs are Rimadyl and Deramaxx. These NSAIDs are frequently used in conjuction with fluid modifiers administered to help heal the joints. The joint fluid modifiers assist in alleviating the pain that arthritis causes; but may not be effective on its own.

Dog Arthritis TreatmentThere are several natural remedies for dog arthritis – many of which are herbal and can be incorporated into their diet. Alfalfa herbs for instance, are known to soothe and provide relief for joint pains. Mussels help restore connective tissues; while the Yucca herb contains natural steroids that aid in easing pain brought about by arthritis. You can also try giving Stinging nettles extract. These detoxify the blood as well as relieve aches in the canine’s body.

Of course vaccines are also available for the worried pet owner. For the most part though, vaccines are not so much a dog arthritis medicine as it is a preventive measure to keep the degenerative effects of arthritis at bay. Ask your vet as to what course of action and treatment he would recommend specifically to your dog’s case.

Remember, there are many kinds of dog arthritis – you need to know which one your pet is suffering from before you decide on the best dog arthritis treatment for him. Most importantly, you need to watch out for the signs for this disease because early detection will help stop the progress of the disease. Some symptoms to watch out for are these: A personality change, limping, difficulty moving positions, resistance to touch, crying when touched and diminished muscle tone.

Canine arthritis is not a pleasant condition for the animal to go through but it is preventable and largely manageable through regular exercise and a good diet. Visit the vet for timely check-ups to prevent any disease from taking control over your dog’s life.

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