Dog Allergy Treatment

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Dog Allergy Treatment

Dog Allergy TreatmentIf you are like me, you are always on the lookout for a good dog allergy treatment that will make your allergic dog’s  life a little easier. Sure allergies aren’t as life threatening as far as dog diseases go, but when left untreated, they can make your dog’s life a pain and we do not wish this for our beloved pooches.

The first thing you need to do if you have an allergic dog, is to find out what makes your dog allergic. What triggers this allergic reaction? Most humans have their respiratory system affected when they are confronted by an allergen, for dogs, the most affected part of them is their skin. Find out what makes your dog break out in hives, red rashes and uncontrollable scratching and remove this from his system as quickly as possible.

There are several possible sources of allergies for dogs. A common reason why dogs become allergic is because of an ingredient in the food they eat. There are certain protein sources that trigger an allergic reaction in dogs. Often times these are soy, wheat, or grains. Put your dog on a hypoallergenic diet and rotate this diet to another diet that your dog is able to take once or twice a year to stabilize his condition.Dog Allergy Treatment

Other times, a dog becomes allergic to the saliva of certain fleas. Fleas, as we all know, are a bane to the canine’s existence. Even more so if your dog is allergic to their bites. The poor dog will start self-mutilating, scratching consistently until wounds appear, in an effort to relieve himself of the intense itchiness. The bald, red and tired dog becomes a food source of fleas and this is something we must avoid at all costs.

There are several natural dog allergy treatment for fleas you can use. Fleas hate essential oils, so add a few drops of lavender, eucalyptus, or lemongrass on your dog’s bath water regularly. If you don’t want to bathe him regularly and dry out his skin, mist your dog with a mixture of this blend all over his body and face. Add garlic to your dog’s diet because garlic is said to effectively repel fleas and mosquitoes for biting your pets.Dog Allergy Treatment

Contact dermatitis is the last common trigger for allergies in canine. This is caused by mold, weed, pollen, dust and the like. You might notice that certain seasons of the year make your dog allergic. If this is the case, keep your dog indoors as much as possible. Wipe your pet down with a big wet towel to remove possible allergens from his body, and dry him right away. If you can, invest in a good air filter for your home so your dog, as well as your family members can enjoy a cleaner environment inside your home.

There are many over the counter medications that can treat your dog’s allergies, however it is better to opt for a natural dog allergy treatment for your dog. It is a lot safer and often times, comes with other benefits to your dog’s health.

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