Designer Dog Beds

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Designer Dog Beds

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Designer Dog BedsGone are the days where a dog is just a pet that you keep outside only to be a guard dog.

Today dogs provide companionship for humans more than ever. Some are a big help for the elderly who have no one else at home with them anymore. Some provide eyes for the blind. Some provide love and companionship for children and in so doing help teach the child what responsibly means in caring for another living thing. Many pets are carried to hospitals today to help comfort a very sick or dying human being.

Our growing closer relationship with dogs and other pets has made us want to provide better car for those pets. And one of those provisions is to give them a very comfortable bed on which to sleep.

One of the problems is that dog beds are somewhat unsightly in our nice modern day homes and therefore we still find ourselves banning the dog to the basement or a utility room for the night; where we have hidden away their dog bed from the sight of visitors.

To the rescue comes Designer Dog Beds. This is such a growing industry and dog owners love it. With most dog owners it is a welcome addition to their designer dog collar and designer pet carrier.

Designer Dog Beds come in all different styles in order to fit in with your home decor.

There is a spindle wooden dog bed that looks just like a human bed and it comes in different sizes to fit the size Designer Dog Bedsof your dog. It has a specialized coil spring mattress for a more comfortable snooze for your dog. The difference between these beds and human beds are that they are wider than they are long because a dog tends to curl up where human stretch out. This type dog bed can fit right in with your bedroom furniture.

There are even a dog beds designed to look like a Mercedes Benz and a “Furrari”. These novelty beds will make a great conversation piece with any of your human visitors. Your pooch makes himself/herself comfortable in the soft interior car seat area. If these cars are too expensive for your taste then you might want to get the one designed like a New York taxi cab.

Then you have the cute puppy cribs designed like a baby crib, which come in both pink and blue. And if your puppy is not that old yet, then maybe you need the puppy bassinet for them.

There are a lot of different designer dog beds to choose from so you should be able to find one that is both comfortable for your precious companion and decorative for the decor of your home. After all they are a part of the family.

The author is a pet owner and loves to find special comforts for her pets. If you are interested in other designer pet items please visit: Designer Dog Collar


Designer Dog Beds

click here for the most stylish designer dog beds available!


And if you’re interested in Healthy Dog Beds for your dog (which you should be!), you absolutely can’t go past Healthy Dog Beds – for more info, click here! You’ll find dog beds made from healthy materials, as well as a fabulous Cool Dog Bed – yes, it will actually keep your dog cool while keeping him/her comfortable!

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