Dachshund Training

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DachshundWith all the variety of dogs around, sometimes they all start to look alike, except for the dachshund. These super cute and lovable canines stand out not only because of their funny appearance, but their sometimes stern and extremely loyal nature. If you want a pet like this, you need to know the tips to great dachshund training because friend, you’re going to need it.

Dachshund training can be a bit tricky. They are strong willed creatures encased in a tiny package so you need to use strong training with them. However, they can also be quite sensitive as well, which means that you cannot be too strong or they will shut down or be afraid of you. The best way to train them is to show them that you are the boss, while engaging them in fun and intelligent games.

First of all, you need to establish your authority. Otherwise you may find yourself being bossed around by a noisy 20 pound hotdog. There are a few tricks you can do to achieve this. Make sure he watches you eat and do not feed him from the table. Leaders of the pack always control the food supply. Enter the house before him all the time. Do not let him sleep on your bed or furniture. If he is blocking your path, gently push him out of the way. Never step around him or over him to get across the room.

Dachshund TrainingDachshunds are active dogs so you have to set aside regular exercise time for you. Bring him outside for walks but expect him to be all over the place because of his natural hunter instincts. I recommend that you leash train him early on to avoid any accidents that may happen when you’re outside. Go to the links in this page to find useful tips on various training tools and tips for your pet.

It is also critical that you socialize dogs, even more so the dachshund. They are very loyal to their owners, but they are generally known to be standoffish and jealous of strangers, including little children. This is a trait that many small dog breeds share. Socialize him as early as possible. Introduce him to different kinds of people and take him out to busy places often. Let him interact with other animals (preferably those that you know are vaccinated), and allow him to get comfortable with other people petting him.

Dachshund TrainingThese little dogs are also notorious for their sometimes excessive barking. If you are like most normal human beings, you know that this can be very annoying at times. People sometimes spray a list mist of water in dogs’ faces or electronic sound collars to minimize barking.

Now you know the best tips on dachshund training. These little dogs can be handful a lot of times, but if you want fun and adventure, you can always count on your little dachshund to be there for you. Use this training as a great bonding experience for the both of you. Enjoy!

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