Comparing Dog Food Brands

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Comparing Dog Food Brands

Comparing Dog Food Brands – Hills Science Diet

Comparing Dog Food BrandsA lot of people have asked if Science Diet dog food is a healthy dog food brand. With so many pet food products out there in the market today, you cannot be too careful about the things that you are serving your precious pet, and comparing dog food brands is a good way to start on the right track.

There are some things you need to be especially careful about when considering the food you give your dog, the first of which are the ingredients. Dogs are carnivores and need the protein in their diet. The problem with a lot of pet food is that they use a lower quality protein source in their ingredients. Science Diet dog food for instance, list corn as the first ingredient in some of their products. Corn may not be bad in itself, but it is still a lower quality protein substitute.

Other less than desirable ingredients that Science Diet dog food have are soybean meal and chicken by-products. Soybean meal is plant based protein source, again a lower quality protein substitute. Chicken by-products are leftovers of chicken parts that are considered “unfit for human consumption”. This can mean anything from the chicken beaks, feet, claws, etc.

Now, there are still some useful minerals that you can find in Science Diet dog food, but the nutritional value is still far below the standard that you will want for your dog. Wysong dog food on the other hand, is a healthy alternative for owners who want to give their dogs a nutritional and healthy diet.

Comparing Dog Food Brands – Wysong

Dog Food - WysongWysong is recognized by experts and experienced pet owners as one of the best dog food brands there is. If you look at their dry dog food products, the first ingredients listed are meat  – the best source of protein for dogs. They have chicken, chicken giblets or chicken internal organs, beef and duck. Beef, chicken and duck are known to have amino acids that canines benefit from greatly.

More than the excellent meat ingredients, Wysong dog food have other ingredients that are really good for the dog. Take for example Wysong’s Archetype Canine Diet dog food. It contains ground bone, a rich source of calcium for strong bones and teeth. The Archetype diet also includes great vegetables like carrots, celery, beets, parsley, lettuce, watercress, spinach and broccoli.

If you have to choose between Science Diet dog food and Wysong products, choose Wysong. You may be spending a few extra dollars but it is well worth it. Don’t forget that a healthy dog is a happy dog.

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