Compare Dog Foods

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Compare Dog Foods

Not all dog foods are created equal – anybody who has had a dog for more than a few months know this. If you are a new pet owner and you are looking for information on dog nutrition, here is a helpful guide on how to compare dog foods so you can ensure your pet’s best health.

As much as you are able, the best kind of food to give your pet is one that is natural and organic. If you think about it, dogs lived in the wild before human beings ever deigned to make them house pets. This means their internal systems are innately able to take in food that are raw and unprocessed. It is healthy for them and it will keep them from many canine diseases.

Acana Dog Food comparisonNow, some responsible pet owners are thinking that raw food contain bacteria that will infect the dog. The thing with this is that unlike their human counterpart, the dog’s intestinal organ is short and acidic. This makes it a very hostile environment for parasitic invaders. They will eventually die out and leave without much trouble to your pet.

More than that, a diet made up of fresh meat, fruits and vegetables mean are a great source of natural vitamins and minerals that will greatly benefit the dog’s health. Fruits in particular are chock-full of antioxidants that boost immune system. The stronger the immune system, the better the chances of the dog to fight off infections that threaten to derail his health.

Compare dog foodsChoose meat of the highest quality. Chicken, lean beef, turkey and pork are the best sources of protein that dogs need. If you serve them raw, keep the bones in because bones provide calcium and potassium. If you want to cook them lightly then remove the bones because cooked bones get brittle and may splinter when chewed on. Sprinkle ground up bone over the dog’s meal.

Raw carrots, broccoli and green peas are a great snack that dogs can munch on between meals. They will keep your dog full without pumping him full of sugar or preservatives, effectively keeping his weight to a healthy level. Keep in mind that not everything that people eat can be ingested by dogs. Find out what are the ingredients that are detrimental to canines and avoid giving that to dogs.

For many pet owners, it is not doable to plan and prepare a natural diet for their dogs. It’s not that they don’t care for their pets, not at all. It’s just that because of lack of time, it’s not practical to make them food from scratch.

If this is you, don’t worry. Your dog is not doomed to die of malnutrition. You can serve your dog healthy, nutritional meals from premium dog food brands. Some of these brands are human grade quality and contain all the vitamins and minerals that a dog needs.

Compare Dog FoodsOf course, not every dog food product in the market is good for the animal. You may have heard some horror stories of pet owners giving their pet commercial pet food and their dog ended up getting sick because of it. We can’t always avoid unfortunate circumstances like these, but we can do our best to avoid them by reading helpful information on what makes the best dog food.

So how do we compare dog foods? Look for products that have meat as their first ingredient. Dogs require protein and meat is the most ideal source of protein. Avoid products that use poor protein substitute like corn, soy or grains.  Other than meat, the dog food should have other ingredients that are good for the dog. Vegetables and fruits are recommended daily elements in a canine’s diet.

Dog food that are processed by dehydration or by freeze drying is the best. This ensures that the nutrients are still found in the food. If the ingredients in your dog food doesn’t look the same, then that’s probably a good thing. The less preservatives used in them the better for your dog’s over-all health. Look for dog food with ingredients that look closest to its natural form as possible.

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