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Compare Dog Food

Compare Dog FoodYes, there are many pet food brands in the market today, how can you tell which ones are worth keeping and which ones are fit only for the trash can? You need to compare dog food not just in the prices, but in the value that they give to your pet as well.

The most important thing you need to keep in mind when you compare dog food is the nutritional benefits that it will bring to the animal. There are too many horror stories of loving but uninformed pet owners that have served their dogs food that are completely bad for their health.

Again, it is not always the master’s fault. Dog food products are part of a multi-billion dollar industry that can afford to air fantastic ads that show energetic and healthy dogs that “benefit” from their products. Unfortunately more often than not, these ads and promos are nothing more than a product of a good director, a cute dog, and an engaging story line.

You have to be careful when deciding on what you can feed your pet. If you have a choice, always go for natural and fresh food. The vitamins and minerals found in these organic fare will help prevent canine sicknesses and diseases.

If this is not an option for you, then there are other healthy alternatives that you can use. Only be careful of those generic and commercial pet brands that are saturating the shelves of grocery stores today. You might be saving a few dollars, but you are really endangering the health of your beloved canine.

Compare Dog FoodThese products are cheap because they use ingredients that are basically leftovers from human food and agricultural industries. If that sounds bad, it gets better, they are injected with loads of chemicals to infuse them with taste and make them look presentable. Again, this is the reason why many dogs get sick, bad nutrition. You would be better off investing in premium pet food products that might cost more, but will guarantee your dog’s health in the long run.

Look for the pet food that uses mild processing methods. Dehydration is an excellent way to preserve food. What this does is remove the moisture and liquids from the ingredients, which basically leaves the food with more concentration of nutrients. You simply pour out the food in the bowl, soak it in warm water for about 30 minutes, and feed it to the dog. Add in a few pieces of chopped fresh meat, vegetables or fruit in the dish to make it interesting and even more nutritious.

Meat should also be listed as the first ingredient in the pack. Grains are good, but they should be the source of protein of your dogs. Sometimes, pet food brands use soy and corn fillers as poor protein substitutes. As much as possible, avoid fillers. Food without fillers will satiate your dog much faster which means he will consume less food, and this translates to dollars saved.

Look out for essential oils and other elements that will boost your dog’s immune system. Antioxidants are super helpful in keeping him strong as well as improving his over-all appearance. With a regular dose of vitamin A, B complex, C, D, E and other minerals, your dog can enjoy a shiny coat of hair, clear skin and brighter eyes. Check with the vet with regard to the nutrients that your dog needs.

Compare Dog FoodNow, always remember that even if you do give your pet healthy food, keep his weight low. Monitor his calorie intake faithfully because an obese dog lead to many health complications later on in life. One or two big meals, with a few healthy treats in between should suffice. Take him out for daily exercise and give him clean water often to cleanse his system often. When you do, you can expect a healthier and happier dog with a better quality of life.

Find out more about your dog’s health when you compare dog food brands in this site. I highly recommend that you share these helpful tips and info with your friends that have dogs. This valuable information just might save your dog’s life one day. Enjoy!

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