What Are The Common Dog Health Problems?

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Dog Health ProblemsOur dog’s health is important. You might not think it’s ever going to happen when everything is going great but when it does, it really is a distressing time for you and your suffering pet. It is critical that you know about the common risks that beset dog health so you can be prepared and take necessary actions to prevent it from escalating if it does come.

Perhaps the most prevalent of all problems in dog health is one that involves parasites. As we speak, there are millions of parasites that are taking residence just outside the door of our homes. Some people disregard parasites as a minor inconvenience to our pets but actually, if pest infestation is not treated right away, it can progress to skin diseases and even internal infections. Parasites like tapeworms, whipworms, hookworms, roundworms and heartworms are dangerous and should be terminated as soon as possible.

Dog Health ProblemsYou can do this by using specially formulated shampoos and products that target these pests. There are also internal medications that treat infestation. Make it a point to choose herbal and organic remedies over pharmaceutical drugs. Many times these over the counter pest medications contain a mild form of insecticide that is toxic to dogs. When these drugs are given to dogs in small doses over a period of time, it can result to cancer, tumors and other serious health complications. Regularly brush through your pet’s coat to check for ticks and fleas.

Digestive problems are also a common occurrence among dogs. Our pets always hang out outdoors which makes them susceptible to potential toxic substances. If they eat garbage, or ingest some kind of food or substance that are bad for them, you need to induce vomiting and let him drink a lot of water immediately. Downplaying this may have fatal results.

What are some of the things that are bad for dogs to eat? Chocolates, caffeine, alcohol, human drugs, grapes, macadamia nuts are just a few of the things that are bad for him. The seeds and piths of fruits and vegetables can also cause cyanide poisoning so make sure you remove these before you serve it to your pet. Check out the links in this site to find out more about ingredients to avoid and other dog nutrition facts that you need to know about.

Dog Health ProblemsSometimes dogs can have digestive problems also because they eat too much quickly. His body may react by vomiting or diarrhea. If this is your dog, you need to start giving him smaller meals so his stomach can slowly recover. Continuously give him fresh water to drink to cleanse his system and keep him hydrated.

Allergies are also among the most common dog health problems that pet owners have to deal with. Adverse allergic reaction can arise by inhaling pollen or ingesting food that your dog does not react will with. Allergies can also be caused by detergents or products that are too harsh for your dog.

The symptoms that your pet has allergies are scratching, red patches on skin, sneezing, vomiting and listlessness. When your dog gets an allergy, you need to determine the source of his allergic reaction. Check his diet and the things that he is in contact with. Use mild products and hypoallergenic food. Go to the vet to find out what the possible cause can be and make sure that you remove it from his lifestyle as soon as possible.

Many dogs also get artDog Health Problemshritis because of all the physical activities that their joints have had to sustain throughout the years. Younger dogs can also contract a form of arthritis when they get an injury that has not been properly treated, or if they were born with a muskoloskeletal abnormality. Avoid playing extreme sports like Frisbee with your dog because this will wear out his bones and joints easily. Give him supplements that will improve his bone and cartilage health.

You should also be very careful with what you feed your dog because obesity is becoming to be a major problem in the canine world. Obesity will aggravate dog sicknesses so you should make it a point to feed your dog healthy food and monitor his calorie intake closely. Exercise your pet regularly to keep his weight down and improve his circulatory system.

A lot of the dog health problems we see can be greatly helped by giving your dog a good diet and supplements. Aim to build his immune system so that he will be able to fight off allergies and infections that may try to attack him. Click on this page to know more about these valuable resources that will help improve the quality of life of your pet. When you invest in dog health products, you will reap the rewards of a happy and good-looking dog. Enjoy!

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