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How to Ease Dog Anxiety in Thunderstorms

We often think that humans are beset by unreasonable phobias but many times – our pets also have fears that when left untreated, can cause serious injury to themselves and their surroundings. One such form of dog anxiety is noise phobia – a condition that often manifests itself during storms. The reasons why dogs are afraid of thunderstorms have not… Read more »

Dog Bad Breath – Hydrogen Peroxide Anyone?

As kids, almost everyone had a run-in with hydrogen peroxide. Occasionally, even as adults we still find the need for this antiseptic. But these instances were to clean sores or wounds that we got while playing around. This was done to make sure that we were protected from nasty infections. So it is a bit controversial to hear about our… Read more »

Chronic Ear Infections in Dogs

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Home remedies for dog ear mites and regular grooming are effective methods to treat and prevent mild ear infections. Chronic and recurrent ear infections that do not respond to treatment may even require surgery.

Transport Dog Crates – Travel by Airplane

When you have to move your dog in order to travel or relocate to a new destination, the last thing most of us want is to stuff him into a box and leave him in the cargo area during the entire flight.

Unfortunately, if you have no other choice but to use the airlines for your travel needs, dogs have to be placed in transport dog crates for the flight, and most have to travel in the cargo compartment.

Dog Teeth, Dog Teeth Cleaning, and Dog Dental Care

19 out of 20 pet owners are looking for a more convenient way to control dental disease and doggie breath. You can prevent doggie breath by feeding a healthy diet, brushing your dog’s teeth, or by easily adding a solution to your dog’s drinking water.

Pet Stores Dogs

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Do you love shopping? Most people do. They love browsing through aisles and aisles of whatever it is that they love to indulge in and get lost in their own world. Have you ever wondered how it would be like for our dogs? They probably feel the same way when they go with you in fantastic pet stores for dogs…. Read more »

Outdoor Dog Kennels

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Do you know what one of the best ways of keeping your dog in a safe place without making them feel constricted and frustrated is? Building them! These babies are a great tool for keeping your dog and your furniture happy. While kennels or crates have been misunderstood by a lot of people for some time, more and more people… Read more »

Bath Dogs At Home

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I always love spending time with my dog, and one of the things pets love is playing outdoors and getting dirty, so bath dogs at home is not something that they relish experiencing, even with you. I mean, why would you get a pet if you didn’t want to spend lots of quality time with them, doing a variety of… Read more »

Puppy Kennels

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Bringing home puppies are one of the best things in life ever. When these bundles of joy look to you like the sun rises and sets over your shoulders you just feel like you have received the best gift in the world! If you want the best for your little friend, you need to look for great puppy kennels that… Read more »

Yorkie Grooming

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Yorkies are one of the cutest dogs there is. They are a happy and lovable bunch that everybody just loves. Make sure your yorkie gets all the positive attention by keeping him clean and sweet-smelling all the time. Find out more about the best yorkie grooming tips in this helpful article today. As we all know, dog grooming is an… Read more »