Canine Incontinence

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Canine Incontinence

Canine IncontinenceCanine incontinence is one of the many problems that owners face with their dogs. In some instances, owners may think that this is a behavioral problem in dogs. This may be true in some dogs but canine urine incontinence is often caused by an underlying medical problem. If this is the case, then your dog may need veterinary attention.

Canine incontinence can cause your dog urinate in inappropriate areas of the house and also to dribble urine without being able to control it.  Dog incontinence can be as frustrating for pet owners as it is uncomfortable for dogs.

There are no simple solutions in conventional veterinary medicine for dog urinary problems like incontinence.  First you need to find out what the underlying cause of your dog’s incontinence is by taking your dog in to the vet for an appropriate diagnosis.

Canine incontinence can be caused by a tumor, birth defect, spinal cord or brain disease, urinary infection, bladder stones, and of course, also by old age.  In some cases, such as with a birth defect or tumor, the incontinence may need to be corrected with surgery. There are cases where surgery is in fact the only option.

If bladder stones, a loosened sphincter due to old age, or a bacterial infection are the cause of your dog’s incontinence, your vet will probably prescribe medication.  You should be careful about giving your dog medication because all medication can have potential side effects, and in addition, many medications can significantly interfere with the immune system, especially if given over a prolonged period of time.

Canine IncontinenceFor improving, and even curing, canine incontinence without putting your dog’s health at risk, natural treatments are a viable option.  Perhaps you may believe that natural treatments are ineffective or that they are some kind of hocus pocus, but studies have shown that they can actually be very helpful. This is so particularly because they are utilised in the context of a holistic approach to health.

When it comes to canine incontinence, options in conventional treatment are fairly limited and their effectiveness is questionable, as dog urinary problems frequently recur, requiring yet another round of treatment.  The best way to cure your dog’s incontinence is by addressing all of the problem areas of his health through natural means, as some other health problem could also be contributing to his incontinence.

To treat and prevent urinary problems in dogs and promote optimal health, you should give your dog plenty of fresh, filtered water to drink, a diet of raw and unprocessed foods.  A homeopathic supplement can also assist.

Homeopathic remedies can be very effective in treating canine incontinence because they contain natural tonics that are effective in strengthening and maintaining a healthy bladder and urinary tract.

Homeopathic remedies can actually help strengthen your dog’s immune system after a reasonable period of use.  So with a healthy bladder and urinary tract, and a healthy immune system, your dog is more protected against the occurrence or recurrence of  incontinence that may be due to an infection.

Canine IncontinenceHomeopathy operates on the principle of like treats like. A substance that is known to cause the symptoms urinary problems in a healthy dog can actually heal urinary problems in dogs when given in small doses. And homeopathy is not like vaccination.  Vaccinations actually give a dose of the disease itself. Homeopathy gives a dose of a known trigger for a disease or illness. And the dose is miniscule, so it has no potential to actually bring on the disease, rather it works by triggering the healing process.

For urinary problems in your dog, look for a homeopathic remedy that contains cantharis and uva ursi. Cantharis maintains a healthy urine flow and soothes the bladder while uva ursi maintains normal pH levels of the urinary tract and is known as a urinary tonic.

If you have ever wondered what to do for urinary incontinence in dogs – your next step?

Take this information and use it as a guide to help you find a homeopathic remedy to cure your dog’s incontinence. Homeopathy is very effective in getting rid of the symptoms of incontinence in dogs and getting to the root of its cause so your dog can heal permanently.

For more information on treating and preventing canine incontinence with homeopathic remedies, click here.

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