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Canine FlatulenceDogs suffer from many of the same problems that humans do; and, unfortunately, gas is no exception. There are a number of causes of canine flatulence, and sometimes the help of a veterinarian is needed. Once you figure out -or at least have an idea- what is causing the gas, then you can work on ways to reduce the occurrences from your pet’s life. As with many other pet issues, trial and error may be your choice method.

In most cases, canine flatulence isn’t a big problem. Just like human flatulence, it is more bothersome and embarrassing than anything. But, there are times when excessive gas is a sign of a major health issue. Gastrointestinal disease is often first detected when owners notice that their pooches have become quite gassy. If the gas is overpowering and happens more than just here and there, then make an appointment with your veterinarian. Realize that a little gas is completely normal, but a constant upset stomach is not. If you have any doubts about your pet’s health, or if he seems a little under the weather, then taking a trip to see the veterinarian is not a bad idea.

If your pup seems to be feeling well, then it’s up to you to figure out what may be causing the gas. One cause of gas deals with the way dogs eat: many dogs “inhale” their food. As soon as you put the food in the bowl, it is gone within seconds. A dog that inhales his food may also be taking in lots of air, causing the air to build up inside the dog. Watch your pet as he eats. If it seems like he’s swallowing the food without chewing, then you may have identified the cause. Many owners claim that feeding your pooch less food more times each day may help curb his desire to inhale. Elevated dog feeders are also thought to reduce the amount of air that enters a dog’s stomach.

Perhaps the most common cause of gas is a dog’s diet. Even though dog food is formulated to meet dogs’ nutritional needs, it is not always full of the best ingredients for their bodies. Many of the fillers in the dog food are not easily digestible. Look for food that has one or more sources of protein as the main ingredient. You can identify the main ingredients by the way they are listed on the label: the first ingredient is the main ingredient, while the last ingredient contributes the least amount to the product. Better quality food is more expensive, but your dog will eat less of it (because it is more filling) and he will feel better. If you choose to change food, then do so slowly. Let your pet eat the food for at least two weeks before you try something new.

Canine FlatulenceFor many dogs, diet is more than just what is fed from a bag of dog food. Many owners sneak their pooches delectable items from the dinner table. Although you may mean well, realize that dogs’ digestive systems are different than those of humans. Just because something agrees with your stomach, does not mean that it will agree with the dog’s. Refrain from feeding a dog from the table, unless you are feeding raw, meaty bones. Some types of table scraps and excessive treats can cause gas.

In addition to buying higher quality food and cutting out the human snacks, exercising with your pet is one of the best things you can do to ease his flatulence. Essentially, exercise leads to a healthier pooch, promoting a healthier intestinal tract. If you have tried of all these suggestions with no avail, then stop by your local pet store. There are products on the market that are developed to lessen the flatulence. Similar to human Bean-O, these products are given orally. But, don’t rely on a miracle cure, because each pet responds differently.

If you can’t handle your pooch’s foul gas anymore, then you need to start looking for ways to help. If the gas is excessive or occurs throughout the day, then a veterinary visit may be in order. Otherwise, check your pet’s diet for any signs of a cause. You may need to change his food, limit his table scraps, or purchase a supplement at the pet store. If all else fails, try exercising!

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  1. madeline v

    When my puppy had bad gas, I gave him acidophilus and it worked like a charm! Remember the importance of balancing the GI tract’s natural flora. It’s a healthy and natural.

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