Bulldog Health Problems

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Bulldog Health Problems

Bulldog Health ProblemsBulldogs are considered to be a great family pet. They are courageous and may look daunting, but they are also extremely affectionate and gentle with their family and master. Maybe you are considering adopting a Bulldog. Before you get this wonderful animal as a pet, you need to know about Bulldog health problems so that you know what to expect in the years to come.

Bulldog Health Problems

There are several Bulldog health problems that are the result of the way they are physically born. You have to admit, this unique looking breed have many physical qualities that are not normal in dogs. While we may think it’s cute and interesting, there has also been draw backs to it as well.

Bulldogs have elongated soft palate. This makes it very hard for him to breathe sometimes because it blocks the airway of the dog. Some are born with small windpipes which aggravate the problem. It may not seem to be a very big deal, but it can be dangerous for him at times. Some bulldogs pant too much and have a hard time calming down when they get excited. Many times they will vomit. These symptoms are indicative of respiratory problems that warrant a trip to the vet.

Like all dogs, bulldogs need to be exercised, but because of the above mentioned issues, it is important that you do not overdo their physical activity. This breed is also notoriously intolerant of extreme weather conditions. They get overheated quickly and they cannot stand being too cold. Moderate temperature is needed to keep them stabilized.

The folds in the bulldog’s faceBulldog health problems make him look like he’s in deep thought or perhaps, had a bad break up with that Poodle in the other neighborhood (she was bad news). It distinguishes him from the other dogs, but these folds lead to various skin problems like canine atopic dermatitis (eczema), seborrhoea, pyotraumatic dermatitis or “hot spots” and yes, even acne.

These skin conditions are generally not contagious, but they can be painful – especially when the itchy canine starts to scratch and self-mutilate in attempts to relieve himself of the soreness. He needs to be brought to the vet to determine what particular problem he has so you can treat it accordingly. Regularly clean his face with a mild product, making sure you get into the folds, so that this can be avoided.

Bulldogs are also susceptible to bloat so feed him small meals in lieu of large ones throughout the day. Don’t exercise him after eating because this will further twist his tummy and may end up being not just painful, but life threatening as well. Look for telltale signs like drooling, unusual restlessness, whining and crying. Take him to the vet immediately if this happens.

Bulldog health problems also include skeletal disorders like spina bifida (the reason for their excessive flatulence), elbow and hip dysplasia, and vertebral displacement. While these are oftentimes inborn, it can be managed with herbal supplements, a good diet and regular light exercise.



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