Best Dog Foods in Australia

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Best Dog Foods in Australia

Best Dog Foods in AustraliaSeveral of my Australian readers have recently asked me about the best dog foods available in Australia.

Dog owners in the U.S. really don’t know how lucky they are. Although the majority of dog foods in the U.S. are absolute rubbish, there are actually quite a few excellent quality dog foods available there.

This is not necessarily the case in other countries. Many countries have very few natural types of dog food brands available.

For my list of the Best Dog Foods Rankedclick here.

That post contains some interesting info for readers in all countries, as there are lots of comments there that give readers’ views as well as my own. And it does mention my recommendations in Australia.

But here, for convenience, I’m listing them again …

So if you’re in Australia and looking for healthy dog foods, click on the following links from more info: MFM Duck & Turkey Dog Food

1. Meals for Mutts


2. Vet’s All Natural. This one is a “complete mix” to which you add meat, so it is a little like the Sojos dog food that I recommend for my U.S. readers.


Click on the links or the Meals for Mutts or Vet’s All Natural images for further info, or to order online. HOWEVER: Please note that that site sells various other dog food products, most of which I do NOT recommend at all.

So ONLY look at the products that I recommend (unless you find some new ones that could be good, or do your own research and come to a different conclusion than I do).

Complete Mix Dog Food

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