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BeagleIf you are considering adopting a dog, you might want to get a beagle. They are a gorgeous breed of dogs that anybody is sure to love. Once you adopt one, be sure to engage him in beagle training as early as 5 weeks old so you can enjoy an obedient, loving and happy pet.

What do you know about beagles? Beagles exemplify the best traits that we love in dogs. They are friendly and outgoing, loving and playful. They are great family pets because of their generally upbeat disposition. They can be extremely high strung though so in order to be effective in beagle training– you need to keep him physically and mentally occupied as much as possible.

It is ideal that you have a big backyard or a wide area where he can romp around freely. Beagles were originally bred to be hunting dogs, hence their lively and curious personality. When you commence dog training with the beagle, you need to keep it short and sweet. Ten to fifteen minutes of training interspersed throBeagle Trainingughout the day is ideal for him.

Arm yourself with a lot of doggie treats before you begin dog training. Remember, dogs respond best to positive reinforcement and the beagle is a dog that loves to eat. In fact, you would do well to keep your treats out of sight until the moment you give it to him because this smart fellow will try to find ways to get to the bag of treats, making him too distracted to be trained properly.

When you give commands to your pet, remember to use the same phrase over and over again. For instance, say, “Come!” for him to go to you. Don’t interchange it with “Come, Boy!” or “Over here!” Say the same word all the time and give him a treat every time he accomplishes the command correctly.

Incidentally, do not use, “Come!” when you are going to give him a bath, give him vaccination shots, or groom him. You want him to associate the word with good things otherwise he may not want to go to you. If you are going to do something that he may not particularly like, go and physically get him yourself.

Beagle TrainingBecause beagles are super energetic, you need to bring him out daily for exercise. If not, he can get bored and destructive. Use games and props when you train him so he enjoys “school time”. Also, don’t forget to really lavish him with praise for good behavior. When you make this a positive experience for him, he will look for ways to make you happy and training will be a whole lot easier.

Beagles aren’t that difficult to train. What you do need is a lot of patience and consistency. Find helpful links in this article that will direct you to valuable resources on beagle training. The only thing better than a cute and friendly dog, is a cute, friendly and well-trained dog, so go get your training tools and enjoy a wonderful pet today!

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