Bath Your Dog – 8 Simple Steps

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Bath Your Dog – 8 Simple Steps

Bath Your DogYou usually don’t need to be told when it’s time to give your dog a bath.  If your dog is overdue for his shampoo, take matters into your own hands and follow these steps.

Step 1: It might sound odd, but the best way to start a bath is with a walk. Seriously. A walk will tire your dog out and make him feel grateful to you before you lather him up.

Step 2: Brush out all the tangles that can be found on his body. There’s only one thing worse than dry tangles and that’s wet tangles. This might also be a good time to trim your dog’s nails as that is an essential part of dog grooming.

Step 3: Choose your location. Some people choose to bathe their dog outside because of the concern of the mess, but ideally a contained location such as an indoor tub is preferable. Also, water outside is typically cold and that can be very uncomfortable for your pet.

Step 4: Gather your supplies. You will need a dog shampoo (we know from experience that human shampoo isn’t a good idea), a pitcher or cup for pouring water and several soft towels.

Step 5: Get the running water to a lukewarm temperature before you place the dog in the tub. Once the dog is in the tub, pour pitchers of water over him until his entire body, with the exception of his head, is wet. Massage him while you do this so it feels good and he feels calm.

Step 6: Put a small amount of shampoo at his neck and begin massaging, moving towards the tail. Lather his entire body with the shampoo, taking care to get his underbelly and underarms and legs. Afterwards, use the pitcher to pour water over his body, rinsing him clean of the shampoo. If you don’t thoroughly rinse the shampoo out of his hair, you will have one itchy dog!Bath Your Dog

Step 7: Step back. This is the time when your dog will shake all over and get you soaking wet. Hopefully, you’ll have put on old clothes for this task.

Step 8: Use the soft towels to dry him off. If possible, coax him to lay on another dry towel over the next hour or so.

An important thing to remember after you’ve bathed your dog is try not to let him outside for two reasons: the air may cause him to catch a chill and he will definitely try to roll in the dirt, undoing all of your hard work.

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Love your clean dog!

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6 thoughts on “Bath Your Dog – 8 Simple Steps

  1. George Lutz

    Thank you, I appreciate the advice given about bathing my dog.

    I do have a question, however. I was advised by the breeder that Dobermans never require bathing. Do you agree with that advice?

    Regards, George

  2. Susan Pugh

    I have two Setters, a Gordon – Josey, and an English – Rhippah. The English has to be pulled to the bathroom for her bath and is constantly “leaning” into the edge of the tub thinking about making a getaway. Josey will walk right in and step into the tub standing there like a scolded child while I bath him. He’s six inches taller than she is, but much easier to wash. I’m worn out pushing her back into the center. But afterwards, they go to the basement family room to run around like crazy while drying off somewhat, and it seems to be worth the effort and they look gorgeous – of course. They have both decided they like the blow dryer – I think the vet uses one when they are bathed there after being kenneled. Always wanted an outside doggy spa, but living where it gets very cold in the winter, that hasn’t happened yet. Thanks for the wonderful articles.

  3. cookie

    My dog was born with extremly dry skin .He flakes all the time what do you suggest tokeep this under controll? He leaves big scalely flakes all over the house.Sign Cookie

  4. c blackman

    My Dog Bob is a barker he barks inside & out, I don’t know how to stop him, barks at nothing,
    We need to stop his barking behavour as we want to take him with us when we go on holidays in the Caravan & we will get kicked out of a park with a barking dog.

  5. c blackman

    Hi My dog is a barker, he barkes inside & out.
    We need to stop his barking behavour.
    We want to take him on holidays with us, if he barks in a caravan park we would have to leave.

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