Bath Dogs At Home

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Bath Dogs At Home

Bath Dogs At HomeI always love spending time with my dog, and one of the things pets love is playing outdoors and getting dirty, so bath dogs at home is not something that they relish experiencing, even with you. I mean, why would you get a pet if you didn’t want to spend lots of quality time with them, doing a variety of activities? They are awesome companions that adore doing anything with you well pretty much anything.

Now yes, dogs are not known for their love of sudsy water; however, this does not mean that it cannot be done. After all, if it did, we’d all be in possession of lovable but smelly dogs. Here are some great tips on how to give a bath to dogs at home that will make your life a lot easier.

Bath Dogs at Home!

Since baths are still not seen in a positive light by most dogs, do not call your dog when you plan to wash him. You don’t want you calling out to him to be associated with negative things. Go and physically get him so you can take him to get his bath. Be sure to shower him, no pun intended with affection and praise when he gets into the tub.

Bath Dogs At HomeYou can either use your bathroom tub and bathe your pet there, or purchase a large enough basin/tub so you can wash him outdoors. Using your restroom might be more time consuming because you will have to prepare the place, and then clean up after him when you’re through giving him a bath. Also, if you have a particularly rowdy dog, he can break the cabinets or bathroom fixtures while he is being washed not the best scenario you want in your home.

Look for dog products that have herbal ingredients and natural moisturizers in the label. This will make sure that his skin will not dry out too quickly, which is often the case with excessive bathing or harsh shampoos. Never use human products on your dog because dogs have a different pH balance and they require a milder formulation than us.

Bath Dogs at Home with a Good Dog Shampoo

Bath Dogs At HomeDog shampoos are specifically made so that the dirt lifts from your dog’s hair fairly easily. This means that you don’t have to really rub the shampoo in his coat too much. When you do, it will only work to tangle his hair more and make it more difficult to comb out afterwards. If your dog’s breed have a double coat or has long hair, you need to rinse him out a few times to make sure that no residue is left on him. Wrap and dry him out with a large towel after bathing so that he doesn’t get chilled when he steps out of the tub.

After bathing and drying him off, comb his hair. You can groom and trim him afterwards but you can relegate this to a professional groomer once every month or so. Give a yummy doggie treat after you bath dogs at home so he will remember bath time as a pleasant experience he will want to do again with you.

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