Appropriate Pet Food For Pregnant Pooches

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Food for Pregnant Dogs


Food for Pregnant DogsPregnant dogs need to have highly specialized diets to ensure that their puppies will develop properly. As a dog owner, you have to list pregnant dog care at the top of your priorities and you must take into consideration that the food you would serve to your pet will directly affect her general health and the health of the fetuses. While the best meals for your pregnant dog are homemade recipes for dog food you personally make, there are also certain dog food brands out there that could aid you in caring for your pet. The only thing that you have to remember is to choose the right food for your pregnant dog in order for her to properly nourish and deliver her pups.

Usually, dog pregnancy lasts for around 63 days, and during that period it is vital that your pet receives nutritionally-balanced meals that would contribute to the development of her puppies, would strengthen her immune system against pregnancy-related diseases and would help her produce milk for litter. You have to remember that protein is a very important compound that should not be disregarded when planning for your pregnant dog’s dietary plan. Although most pet food brands contain essential nutrients, you have to choose a canine food that list meat as its primary ingredient as meat is the main source of protein that would help your pooch to heighten her energy and immunity levels. It is also imperative to opt for a brand that is nutritionally balanced and is devoid of hazardous ingredients that could negatively alter the fetal development and health of your pregnant dog such as meat-by products, artificial colors, preservatives and other synthetic ingredients.

Does a Pregnant Dog Need Food Specially Formulated for Pregnant Dogs?

Food for Pregnant DogsThe dog food products manufactured by Flint River Ranch dog food could meet all the requirements set for pregnant dog care. All their canine formulas are made from human-quality ingredients and none of their products contain meat and grain by-products, chemical preservatives and color additives that could harm your pet’s pregnancy. To further reinforce their advocacy to provide the best meals for canine pets, they coupled their dog formulas with state-of-the-art preparation process, setting them apart from other regular dog food companies. That is, they carefully analyze every ingredient they include in their products through consultation with leading American industry professionals and only acquire their ingredients from trusted suppliers to create high-quality and unique formulas.

As already noted above, high protein content is important for you pregnant pet’s diet so you have to pick a food brand that list meat as its primary ingredient, and Flint River Ranch dog food adequately included such compound in their meals. Contrary to most dog meals that make use of only one protein source, Flint River offers a variety of healthy and nutritious meat proteins in each pack of their products. The meat they utilize in the production of their meals is pure muscle and skin flesh only, with little or no bone content. All that being said, their meaFlint River Dog Foodts share the same quality as those store-brand meats sold for human consumption, which means their products are warranted safe for your pregnant dog.

Fundamentally, the meat combination that Flint River uses for the production of their pet food products include chicken, lamb and fish. Their chickens are directly acquired from trusted American suppliers to ensure that they are void of antibiotics and hormones. Their lambs are imported from New Zealand and are free-range fed, while their fishes are farm raised and are caught directly from the oceans. As such, all their meat ingredients contain the right amounts of proteins and essential fats that your pregnant dog needs. Besides meat, their grain sources are warranted free from molds and natural toxins and the combination of grains and proteins will give your pooch a whole range of minerals and vitamins that would help improve her overall nutrition and health.

Pregnant Dog Care

Flint River Ranch Dog FoodYou should always remember that in any pregnant dog care routine the amount of pet food that she eats will profoundly increase by 20 percent on the fifth week of her pregnancy, which is why you have to add an extra cup of food from her usual servings. It is also important that you break-up her feedings everyday in order for her to avoid dealing with morning sickness on the same level and maintain the balance of her blood sugar level that would stabilize her energy. During labor, your dog may not want to consume any type of food so don’t force her to do so because she has to follow her own body signals. Once she is able to deliver her pups, make sure to check with your vet about her post-pregnancy nutritional and health needs as well as her pups’ dietary requirements to ensure that she and her litter will receive the best care they need.

As a dog owner, pregnant dog care should be on the top of your priorities. You have to remember that the pet food you would feed to your pregnant pooch could profoundly affect her fetal, nutritional and overall health. Though homemade recipes for dog food is the primary meal that you should serve to your pet, you could also settle for trusted dog food brands that produce protein-rich canine meals such as Flint River Ranch dog food.

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