Answers to Questions About Dog Food

Answers to Questions About Dog Food

Answers to Questions About Dog Food
by Melinda Smith 

dog food informationWolves, the close relatives of dogs, are strictly carnivorous, meaning of course that they live only on meat. However, the process of evolution has carried dogs beyond being strictly carnivorous. Dogs can now be classified as omnivorous, meaning they are able to digest nutrients from both animals and plants. Even though dogs still prefer meat-based foods, they are capable of surviving on vegetable proteins, too, as long as they are supplemented with amino acids and necessary nutrients. Good nutrition and a balanced diet are essential for your dog’s health. People often have questions on dog food. Here is some dog food information that should help.What and when you feed your dog early in life will shape its preferences when it is older. This applies to time of day, odor, texture and taste and meal temperature. Up to fifty percent of an adult dogs diet can come from carbohydrates such as grain.

Pets should have access to fresh water at all times. This is especially important to avoid dehydration and overheating during periods of heavy physical activity or simply during hot weather. Adult dogs usually do well being fed once or twice a day while puppies should be fed more frequently. Nutritionally complete dog food recipes that can be prepared at home can be found here on this site by clicking on the Dog Food category, or by searching online for dog information.

Life’s Abundance food for dogs can be obtained in either the regular formula or a special formula designed to help obese dogs trim down. Overall dry dog food outsells all other types. Typically, dry food contains about ninety percent dry ingredients with about ten percent water, blending some grain, meats, meat by products, fat, minerals and vitamin content. Life’s Abundance is a premium type dry dog food that contains no meat by products, instead containing a high protein mixture of meat, grain, dried veggies, fruits, and herbs. dog food information

Some dogs prefer the more-appealing flavors, aromas and palatability of canned food factors that are generally far superior to dry diets. Dry foods, however, tend to be much healthier for dogs over time. Dry dog foods help eliminate tartar on a dog’s teeth, and the incidence of gum disease with a dry diet is greatly reduced. Without being able to crunch and chew the harder dry foods, a dog will develop a lot of inflammation of the gums surrounding his teeth which leads to teeth receding and loosening. The bacteria associated with gum infection can actually travel through the dog’s bloodstream and result in kidney failure and liver damage. Canned foods also contain more fat, so dogs that eat a diet high in canned food have more problems with obesity.

Sad but true, many adult dogs are overweight. As they outgrow puppyhood and reach their middle and senior years, they require less food. The amount of food they need also depends a lot on their breed as well as the personality of each dog. For example, a Brittany Spaniel is much more active and has a higher metabolic rate than dogs of many other breeds and will be able to eat more. If a dog becomes overweight, he will add excess fat in his loin and lumbar regions. Using a food like Life’s Abundance Weight Loss Formula natural dog food will give your overweight dog more food to eat without adding an excess of calories.

A healthy dog needs a balanced diet and good nutrition. It is important to feed and water your pet on a regular basis. To prevent overheating and dehydration, water should be available to your pet at all times, especially during periods of high activity. Puppies need to eat often, while adult dogs can be fed once or twice each day.

For pet owners interested in feeding their dog a homemade diet, dog food recipes are available on this site under the Dog Food section. You can get Lifes Abundance dog food in the standard preparation or especially made to help take pounds off obese canines.

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