All Natural Dog Food

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What is the best kind of diet to give your dog? There have been some debate here but I believe that if you want to see a healthy and happy do, an all natural dog food diet is the way to go.

All Natural Dog Food


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Keep in mind that before we had our precious pup in his furnished dog house, they lived in the wild – of course not your dog, but their ancestors. They hunted and scavenged for their food and I’m willing to bet that they did not take the time to cook their food also. They only had their nails and teeth to aid them in their dietary needs.

Now, some of you might be worried about salmonella or those other bacterial infections that might get to your pet if you don’t cook the food. First of all, the dog’s digestive tract is short and very acidic (unlike their human counterpart) so any bacteria found in food will not have time to breed and infect him. The natural vitamins and nutrients found in fresh food also mean that he probably has a really good immune system. A strong immune system will help keep canine sicknesses and infection away.

BARF – All Natural Dog Food

Have you heard of the BARF diet? BARF means Bones and Raw Food or Biologically Appropriate Dog Food and it is recommended by most experts in the field. Dogs can tolerate the BARF diet because their ancestors have for many centuries and they retain these same qualities even in a domesticated setting.

Meat should be the primary ingredient in a dog’s diet. Dogs need a lot of protein to keep up with their active lifestyle. Serve your dog a generous serving of beef, chicken or turkey meat daily.

Pacifica Acana Dog FoodKeep in mind that chicken and turkey bones easily splinter so you might want to remove them first, ground it and sprinkle it over the dish before serving to the animal. Beef and pork bones are great sources of calcium and phosphorous that you should not neglect to give your dog. Bones also help improve the teeth, gums and breath of the canine.

When talking about all natural dog food, you should also incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables to your dog’s diet. The vitamins and antioxidants found in these healthy fare have prevented a lot of canine sicknesses and diseases. Remember to remove the seeds and stems (toxic to dogs) of these produce before you give it to your dog. Grains are also good ingredients, but check with your vet first. Some dogs with sensitive digestive tracts do not do well with grains.

All Natural Raw Dog Food

Natural Balance Dog FoodIf you do not have the luxury of preparing raw food to your pet, you can still give your dog a healthy meal by using organic and all natural dog food brands. Be very selective in the pet food brands that you choose because not all pet food are good for your dog. Check out the links in this page to find out which are the most recommended dog food in the market today.

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