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Acana PuppyAcana Puppy  is a line of dog food from Champion Pet Foods specifically formulated for the needs of your growing canine companion. Acana is a brand of dog food created by Champion Pet Foods, a Canadian pet food maker. Champion prides itself as an award-winning manufacturer with a unique philosophy. Its Biologically Appropriate nutritional philosophy represents a new standard of pet food designed to nourish pets according to their evolutionary adaptation to meat and protein-rich diets.

Champion Pet Foods and Acana believes that puppies should thrive on a diet the closely mirrors the nutrition they would get in the wild.  The right nutrition is especially important during the growth years of a puppy. They need a diet that’s rich in protein to support their development. Champion’s nutritional philosophy hinges on representing new standard of pet food designed to nourish pets according to their natural, evolutionary adaptation to meat and protein-rich diets. Champion promises that Acana Puppy is loaded with the right mix of ingredients to meet your puppy’s needs.

According to Champion, Acana Puppy and Junior is bursting with free-run Cobb chicken and whole eggs straight from local prairie farms. It also includes freshly caught flounder and fruits and vegetables, delivered fresh each day.

Acana PuppyAcana Puppy is rich and diverse in protein sources. Loaded with 60% of chicken, fish and eggs, Acana matches the needs of a growing puppy. Each ingredient is passed fit for human consumption. They use local ingredients that are truly fresh and are never frozen or processed. This dog food is also made up of 20% fruits and vegetables including apples, Bartlett pears, butternut squash and Burbank potatoes. Acana Puppy is also low glycemic and low in carbohydrate. This formula is free of high glycemic grains such as rice and corn, associated with obesity and diabetes. High glycemic grains break down quickly and can cause rapid and large rise in your puppy’s blood sugar. Acana therefore uses only low glycemic and hypoallergenic steel-cut oats as its only source of grain.

Finally, Acana puppy promises the following benefits – luxuriant skin and coat and enhanced metabolism. Infused with marine-source Omega 3 from the New Brunswick herring, Acana can help support your puppy’s immunity as well as lend a luxuriant sheen to his or her skin and coat – the outer symbol of health and vitality. At the same time, Acana Puppy features organic sea and vegetables and botanicals to enhance metabolism while nourishing your puppy.

Basing on their choice of ingredients and the promise of using only human grade, local meat, fruits and vegetables, Acana Puppy and Junior dog food can be said to be an above-average commercial dog food.

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