Acana Dog Food Review

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Acana Dog Food Review

People who love dogs will tell you that what you feed your dog tells a lot about the kind of person you are. For pet lovers, dogs are more than just a pet; they are companions and confidants that bring joy and laughter (sometimes headache!) to one’s home. So if you love your dog, you know that he deserves Acana dog food.

Acana Dog Food

Acana Dog Food ReviewAcana dog food is manufactured by Champion Pet foods. They are known to produce high quality dog food formula. They produce their food for 3 different types of categories–small breed, junior and large breed dogs.

The formulation for these fantastic products has a low carbohydrate level and is high in protein. This results in better digestion for the lucky canines. Not only is this beneficial in the short term, their digestive health will also improve as well. Their products are certified by the Canadian government which means they have met international regulation standards.

Acana is also known in dog food reviews to have fresh ingredients. They further claim that they are able to maintain the freshness of their products because the ingredients are delivered on a per day basis from accredited suppliers.

Acana Dog Food Core Values

Acana Dog Food ReviewThese are their 5 core values they follow-
1) Their ingredients should maintain its freshness.
2) Their formulation is balanced so that it meets those international standards.
3) They have at least 3 farm fresh ingredients (e.g. free run chicken, fresh eggs, organic sea vegetables, russet potatoes and the pacific salmon to name a few).
4) They use a variety of meat proteins. A pet food that has more carbohydrates or that is not balanced will make it harder for the dog to digest his food that is why this company is committed to giving the right, balance formulation.
5) Lastly, Acana dog food are also composed of locally grown produce. However, they make sure that their formulas have tonic herbs and botanicals so dogs have an easier time disposing toxins and their organs are able to function better, longer.

Yes, Acana dog food is more expensive but because it is composed of a lot of meat that make the dogs feel full longer. Aside from that, the right amount of Omega 3 oils gives the dogs beautiful coats of hair. These kinds of feedback makes this product get flying colors in most, if not all, dog food reviews.

Acana Dog Food Review

Acana Dog Food ReviewIf you don’t believe me you can go check it out yourself. Read reviews of different online sites and credible organizations that research on these kinds of information because they are committed to informing people of the truth. If most of the reviews tell you that this is a great product then that means that the brand is committed in producing only the best products in the market. They will not sacrifice or compromise on the quality of their products just to scrimp on the cost for manufacturing them. That is the kind of brand you should trust.

So if you love your dog and you want dog food that will make him digest better, have a healthier coat and just be happier, then feed him Acana dog food. Don’t scrimp on his health. If you love your dog you’ll choose the dog food that is best for him. You will not regret it!

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