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The Different Dog Worms Types

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One of the most common problems all our dogs have to deal with is worm infestation. I mean even pregnant dogs that have worms transmit them to her unborn baby, which means the little pup will be born already with worms. There are different kinds of worms and many times, each kind will necessitate a different approach and treatment. Here… Read more »

How To Make Natural Homemade Meals For Your Canine Pets

If you’re a hands-on pet owner, it is pretty understandable why you would like to make your own dog food at home. With pet food recalls happening lately, you have to be cautious about the health of your pet and make sure that you could give him healthy meals he deserve. Cooking dog meals at home is a good method… Read more »

Prevent Your Pet From Acquiring Diseases With Healthy And Natural Dog Food

Many dog owners do not consider the type of food their dog eats to be very important. Normally, they tend to purchase the dog food that is on sale or whichever appeals to their interest at a particular period. Admit it or not, many of us are more fond of the cute dog that canine food advertisements utilize than we… Read more »

Dog Food: Healthy Options

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It is always a great joy to own a pet. Upon coming home, you can look forward to your dog greeting you enthusiastically, making the stressful work day easier to bear. It is important to maintain your dog’s health so the moments you spend last. You can give your dog a longer life by giving them healthy dog food. Commercially… Read more »

Getting It Right: Choosing The Right Dog Food For Your Pet

Less than 150 years ago, an American named James Spratt decided to create nutritious food source for canines. He created dough composed of vegetables and grains suitable for canines and baked it. This same event led to the development of the dog food industry, and today there are literally thousands of canine food brands that line in the shelves of… Read more »

All-Natural Dog Food For A Healthy And Happy Pooch

There are many ways in order for you to show your affection to your pet and pamper him with all the things he needs that your money could afford. You could purchase Buddy a personalized collar embedded with precious gems, or you can let him wear designer clothes whenever you feel like taking him to a stroll. However, the very… Read more »

Dog Biscuits and Treats: Only The Best For Our Dogs

Dog Biscuits and Treats Healthy dog biscuits and treats can do a great deal for your dog’s health. They can contain all the essential nutrients and vitamins both of which play an important part in our dog’s overall health and development.  And almost every dog just loves healthy dog biscuits and treats! Dog biscuits and treats can provide a healthy and nutritious snack… Read more »

Pet Sitters Make Vacations Easier – for You and Your Pets!

When a pet owner goes out of town, they are often left with a tough choice regarding the care of the furry members of their family. They can call a friend to check on Spike or Fluffy every day or so, or they can call the dreaded kennel. Oh, the kennel, we know it well; you must call so many… Read more »

How to Deal with the Loss of a Pet

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Experiencing the loss of a pet is the most difficult aspect of pet ownership. Whether the death is a sudden one, or one you’ve had time to mentally prepare for, it’s a traumatic and life changing experience. Below are 9 steps for helping you to cope with the loss of a pet. 1. Burial Spot: Create a special burial spot… Read more »

Natural Dog Food Can Be Organic

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A dog is yet another branch of the household. Often looked upon as a child, or even a brother or sister. They show an abundance of allegiance to their master, above and beyond any other animal, and should be shown that same respect in the food they are fed. One of the greatest ways you can do this is with… Read more »