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Dog Allergy Treatment

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If you are like me, you are always on the lookout for a good dog allergy treatment that will make your allergic dog’s  life a little easier. Sure allergies aren’t as life threatening as far as dog diseases go, but when left untreated, they can make your dog’s life a pain and we do not wish this for our beloved… Read more »

Dog Allergies Symptoms

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Just like people, canines can manifest dog allergies symptoms when their immune system recognizes potential threats in the form of allergens. Even if the allergens are common in the environment and are harmless to other animals, an allergic dog will react to them adversely. These allergens can cause problems the moment they are eaten, inhaled, or when they come into… Read more »

Home Remedies for Dog Allergies

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Perhaps one of the most common conditions that our dogs suffer from is allergies. Fortunately, there are several safe and effective home remedies for dog allergies that you can use to treat your dog without breaking the bank. When humans have allergies, the most common symptoms would involve the respiratory system. Cough, sniffling, wheezing and the like are known to mark… Read more »

Dog Allergies – the Facts

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Dog allergies are not to be taken lightly. No, they are not a fatal canine disease, but they compromise the dog?s quality of life and when left untreated, may lead to various secondary infections. Dog Allergies – the Facts   What do we need to know about dog allergies? There are three main causes of allergies in dogs (although in… Read more »

Dog Has Allergies

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How do you know if your dog has allergies? There are different types of allergies in dogs and while the symptoms are similar, it is important that you know which type of allergy you are dealing with so you can get the correct treatment for your dog. How Do You Know if Your Dog Has Allergies?   Extreme itchiness is the… Read more »

Hypoallergenic Dog Food

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How do you know if your dog needs to be fed hypoallergenic dog food? If you are reading this I am sure that you are a loving and responsible pet owner that’s why you want to know more about the types of food that you should be feeding your pet. Dogs commonly experience allergies. Allergies are in fact one of… Read more »

Pet Vaccinations Facts

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Here is some quite comprehensive information about pet vaccinations – and whether or not you should vaccinate your dog (or cat). The author is Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM – one of the relatively few vets who pulls no punches, and will tell you that annual vaccinations are NOT needed! Read on … Vaccination Overview by Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM You… Read more »

How to Deal with Dog Skin Allergies Effectively

Dog skin allergies are common incidents that experienced dog owners have learned to handle. While they are not terminal in most cases, they can be extremely painful as the dog will try to itch and chew his own skin to relieve himself of persistent itchiness. This self-mutilation can lead to further infections as open wounds become a breeding ground for… Read more »

Dog Food – Use Only Organic Sources

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There is no other event which electrifies our darling pet dogs other than that significant time of day where we show our desire to feed them their favorite dog food. We must be very careful, however, with what we feed and prepare for our dogs. In the history of dog food, there have been multiple recalls due to contamination. This… Read more »