Why Solid Gold Dog Food?

Solid Gold Dog Food


Solid Gold Dog FoodMany of you have heard about Solid Gold dog food – is it as good as they say it is? What makes it stand out from the rest of the pack (no pun intended)? Here is the lowdown on what they say could be the best dog food in the market today.


Solid Gold Dog Food – a Pioneer


Solid Gold Dog Food - WolfKingSolid Gold dog food is known to be one of the pioneers in introducing all-natural ingredients in every bag of pet food. They have several products you can choose from that will benefit your dog namely: Solid Gold Sun Dancer, Solid Gold Wolf Cub Puppy, Solid Gold Barking at the Moon, Solid Gold Hund-n-Flocken Adult, Solid Gold Holistique Blendz Adult, Solid Gold Hundchen Flocken Puppy, Solid Gold WolfKing Large Breed Adult, Solid Gold Millennia Beef and Barley Adult, Solid Gold Just a Wee Bit Small Breed All Life Stages.

When you open a bag of Solid Gold dog food, you will notice that the food inside will vary in color, shape and sizes. This is because no chemical additives were incorporated to stabilize the appearance of the food product. The dry food products can be stored for up to a year, but it is recommended that you consume the bag within three months.


Solid Gold Dog Food Ingredients


Solid Gold Dog FoodSolid Gold has consistently ranked as one of the best dog food products around because of their commitment to healthy ingredients and uncompromising view on delivering quality products for pets. They are priced more than your average commercial pet food, but it’s well worth it – you are investing in the long-term health of your pet.

A happy and healthy dog is one of the best gifts that life has to offer.  Consider Solid Gold dog food for your dog’s health today.


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The Best Dry Dog Food Report

Find out more about the best dry dog food and enjoy more memorable years with your pet when you do … Repeat after me: We, the dog lovers of the world, do promise to provide well to my canine companion so that he can enjoy the fullness of his canine years. If you said this, you are committed to ensuring your dog’s health and a big part of that means feeding him a good diet!


Best Dry Dog Food


Best Dry Dog FoodWhat goes inside the best dry dog food? I know everyone has their own brands that they use for their dog, but are they beneficial to our furry friends? What are your considerations when purchasing your dog’s next meal? Do you know what your dog needs in his diet?

The mistake many unsuspecting dog owners make is that when they buy their pet’s food, they go by the advertisements and promos. This shouldn’t be the case. Colorful pictures of canines full of vigor and doggie cuteness do not a healthy meal make, nor are cheap bags of dog kibble. More than the packaging and discounted prices, it is what’s inside the bag of food that really counts.

That’s right, if you want to know the best dog foods, you need to research on the ingredients and processing that goes in to the product. Knowing about the company that manufactures them won’t hurt as well. This might seem like extra work, but believe me, it will pay off in the long run.


Best Dry Dog Food Ingredients


Best Dry Dog FoodWhy is processing important? The fact of the matter is that even if there are good ingredients in the dog food, the value will be greatly compromised with unhealthy processing methods. There are several methods that companies can utilize, but not all of them are equally beneficial. What you need to take care of is to moderate the amount of artificial additives included in the products.

You might be wondering how much chemicals are being put inside the bag, it can’t be that much, right?,  but actually it is highly possible that it is. You see, the pet food industry is a multi-million business that is often run alongside human food companies, meaning the by-products (or unwanted parts) of some of the human food is relegated to food given to animals.

For example, you would NEVER think of serving chicken beaks or pig’s snout to your dog would you? But the fact of the matter is, many pet owners do without even knowing it because that is what is included in some commercial dog food products. You can imagine how unpalatable this would be, not to mention disgusting looking. This is why chemicals and preservatives are loaded into the bags to stabilize their appearance and mask the taste.

Aside from the chemicals, the heat applied to food to preserve them plays a big role in what makes good dog food. The nutrient value of vitamins, minerals and especially amino acids are significantly lowered when it is subjected to high levels of heat over a longer processing time. Moreover, high temperatures are reported to encourage formation of carcinogenic substances.

What are some examples of these methods? The most common one that we see in the cheaper pet food is kibble. Typically they are cooked in high temperature for short periods of time, and then cooked again. There is not a lot of nutrients left after. Canned dog food is better because they contain fresh meat and provide extra hydration to the dog’s diet, but high heat is still used that we need to be careful of. The best dry dog food types are recommended because this processing is done with lower temperature than the others.


Dehydrated Best Dry Dog Food


Best Dry Dog FoodDehydrating is a long-standing way of preserving food. This is simply taking out the moisture from food. Food is dried using low heat, removing about 90% of the moisture and the food retains most of the nutrients. Dehydrated dog food should be soaked in warm water for about 30 minutes before feeding it to the dog. Freeze drying is another method that removes the food’s moisture without taking away valuable nutrients. These dry food processing techniques inhibit bacteria and enzymes that damages the nutrients in the food.

The best dry dog food is priced more than the commercial kibble so many dog owners shy away from buying these. People may think that they are saving money by opting for the cheaper dog food, but in reality, you will end up spending more on future health problems that bad dog food are prone to cause. Invest in your dog’s nutrition and you will not regret it.

Find out more about the best dry dog food  for your precious dog to benefit his health right now.


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– Get the best dry dog food for your dog!

Why Do Dogs Love Acana Dog Food?

Acana Dog Food

Everybody wants to give their dog the best, the question is – where do we find it? Unbiased dog food reviews provide you the answers you need to get the most out of your dog’s nutrition and many of them will tell you that Acana dog food is the way to go.

Dog nutrition iPacifica Acana Dog Foods an integral part of our dog’s health. The food you give him is largely responsible for how he looks and behaves. Think about it, when we stuff ourself with junk food we feel lethargic and look less than stellar, right? The same is true with our canine buddies.

Most commercial pet food in the market today provide substandard nutrition for our dogs. Kibble, especially, may be cheaper, but the method by which they are preserved are not good. High levels of temperature over a long period of processing time reduces the nutritional value of the ingredients of the dog food.

Which brings us to another vital aspect of dog food – the ingredients. What are the ingredients that are inside the bag of chow you give to your pet? Does it have a healthy serving of meat, grains, vegetables and fruits? Are they natural or are they so immersed in chemicals and preservatives that you hardly recognize them? Natural and healthy ingredients may cost you a few more dollars, but they make a world of difference to the general well-being of the dog.

Acana dog food is a brand from the famous Champion pet foods company. Champion pet foods is committed to delivering the best products by incorporating quality ingredients in their food. These fresh ingredients are sourced out from accredited farms and processors – a lot more than what most commercial pet food companies do.

You will find that there are at least 3 fresh regional meat ingredients in every Acana bag of food. Why is this important? Our dogs need large amounts of protein in their diet and meat and high quality grains are excellent sources of protein. Aside from that, there are other beneficial ingredients mixed in to see to it that your dog gets a well-balanced and healthy diet.

5 Principles of Acana Dog Food

Acana Dog FoodThe 5 natural principals of Acana dog food are: the natural diet (ingredient freshness and variety); high in animal proteins; low in grains and carbohydrates; rich in fruits and vegetables; tonic herbs to strengthen the body and spirit. When these 5 principals are maximized, you can expect a healthier pet full of energy and life.

Acana has several Acana dog food lines that are aptly named for the dogs that will benefit from it. The classic series are the puppy small breed, puppy & junior, puppy large breed, adult small breed, adult dog, lamb & apple, adult large breed, sport & agility, light and fit, senior dog. Acana also has special grain free dog food that many pet owners are raving about namely Wild Prairie, Pacifica, Grasslands and Ranchlands.

Find out more about Acana dog food and other valuable dog health resources here.


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Canidae Dog Food is One of the Best Dog Foods Around

Most pet owners would agree with me that their dogs are an important part of their lives. As such, we strive to give them the best things in life that will improve not just the quantity, but the quality of their life. A crucial factor in determining this is the food that we give them. Canidae dog food is one of the best dog foods that you can feel safe to feed your dog.

Canidae Dog Food


Canidae Dog FoodWhat is special about Canidae dog food? After all, aren’t all dog food pretty much the same? Nothing could be further from the truth. There are a lot of commercial pet food that line the aisles of our grocery stores. Many of them are cheap, but they are more often than not detrimental to your dog’s health. It would be wiser to invest in a premium dog food and enjoy a healthy dog, than opt for the cheaper substitute and risk a frail and sickly pet.

Perhaps the most important thing to look for in dog food is the ingredients that are in the bag. Dogs need to have a lot of protein in their diet and meat is the best source of protein there is. This is especially true for puppies, pregnant dogs and nursing dogs. Nuts and grains are adequate protein sources but the best kinds of pet food are those that lists meat as the primary ingredients.

The manufacturers of Canidae pet food know this. If you check the labels of their food, meat is listed as the first few ingredients. Depending on the variety you want, you can choose from beef, beef meal, bison, chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, lamb meat, lamb meal, salmon, salmon meal, fish meal and duck. Duck is particularly beneficial for dogs that are low in iron, a mineral that duck meat is rich of.

Canidae Dog Food Grains

Canidae Dog Food GrainsAside from meat, Canidae is also known to provide a good serving of healthy grains and carbohydrates. Brown rice, white rice, rice bran, oatmeal and millet, peas, potato, tomato pomace, chicken fat (full of minerals and fatty acids for clear skin and healthy coat of hair), eggs, alfalfa, sage, rosemary, kelp, apples and cranberries are among some ingredients that are incorporated in some bags of Canidae food.

Giving your dog an excellent diet is critical in maintaining his best health. For example, chondroitin and glucosamine are minerals that aid in preventing the onset of arthritis in canines. Prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes and cellulase are enzymes that improve the digestive tract health and your dog’s immune system. These are just some examples of minerals that have been formulated in Canidae dog food.

Switching to Canidae Dog Food

Canidae Dog FoodIf you are planning to switch your dog from another food to Canidae, make the transition slowly. When their diet is suddenly changed, the dogs experience stress and their digestion is affected. Gradually decrease the amount of the dog food you want to wean him away from as you increase the ratio of Canidae into his system.

Don’t forget to consult with the vet before making any changes in your dog’s diet. Your dog may have health concerns that a correction in his food intake may help improve. Keep in mind that certain dogs may have a higher (or lower, if your dog has medical issues with protein absorption) protein requirement so you need to adjust the meals that you give him accordingly.

An investment towards his health has long term dividends. Enjoy a healthy and happy dog when you do! – Get your Canidae dog food today.

Unbiased Dog Food Reviews

I know pet owners who have had the ordeal of bringing their sick dog to the vet only to find out that their dogs are suffering because of the dog food that they are on. These unsuspecting and loving masters are lured in by the deceptive advertisements and paid dog food reviews of large pet food companies and so they feed their dogs products that are detrimental to their canine health.

Dog Food Reviews

dog food reviewsLet me tell you right now that the best dog food is usually not the cheapest one you find on supermarket shelves. Premium pet food have quality ingredients unlike cheaper commercial food. You may think that you’re saving a few dollars, but actually you are spending more on future veterinary bills and medicines when you scrimp on your dog’s diet.

More often than not, it’s not the dog owner’s fault. I truly believe that dog owners want the best for their dogs and need unbiased dog food reviews to help them make a wise and practical decision. When you are aware of your dog’s needs and what is lacking in their nutrition, then you can find the food that will address their particular health concern.

Healthy Dog Food Reviews

Dog Food Reviews!For those of you that are working on a budget and can’t afford to give your dog those pricier dog food, then don’t worry. With a little creativity and time you can put together healthy and natural meals that are chocked full of nutrients that canines need. Natural food like raw meat and vegetables are actually the best option to give dogs.

Now, if you have extra funds and not a lot of time, then you have to get premium dog food that is good for your dog’s health. Check the label of the product. It has to contain ingredients that will contribute to your dog’s well-being. Meat should be the primary ingredient, with grains, fruits and vegetables incorporated to the mix as well.

dog food reviewsAside from the ingredients, the best dog food should typically utilize processing method so no unnecessary chemicals are added. Dehydration and freeze-drying are two mild processing methods that are most recommended. Remember to consult the vet before making any changes in your dog’s diet to prevent health risks.

Unbiased Dog Food Reviews

Take a look around this site. You can find unbiased dog food reviews and other helpful dog health articles right here:

Acana Dog Food Review

Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review

Fromm Dog Food Review

Natural Balance Pet Food Review

Orijen Dog Food Review

And more dog food reviews!

Fromm Dog Food

Fromm Dog Food

Fromm Dog FoodFromm dog food was founded in 1904 by Erna Fromm in Wisconsin. They started by offering healthy natural food to pets in their area. Through the years their services have evolved to include a wider range of pet food and pet health care. All the products and services are based on the most advanced scientific research. In the 1930’s, Fromm developed the first canine distemper vaccine by Dr. Willard Roberts. He also formulated the original dry food product line of Fromm  in 1948. Dr. Willard Roberts is considered the father of modern pet foods, and his pioneering the production of dry granular dog food is popular until today.

It was a biochemist named Rich Marino who produced the first canned human-grade dog food which is used in Fromm’s canned food recipes. Today, Fromm dog food is still being produced and manufactured in their factory in Wisconsin. Tom Nieman, grandchild of Erna, inherited the Fromm Family foods in 1985. He worked hard to prove that he deserved the position of being both president and chef of Fromm. In fact, he studied with Dr. Willards Roberts and earned a chemical engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin to make sure he was knowledgeable and competent as head of the company.

Fromm Dog Food is Popular!

Fromm Dog FoodFromm dog food is so popular because they are the answer to dogs that are too picky with their food. Many pet owners attest that even the smell of Fromm dog foods is different. If you check out dog food ratings and reviews you will see that the general consensus is that it is so easy to have their dogs eat this dog food and that they are very happy with the results. Another common feedback is the good digestion and firm stool of their pets.

Natural Fromm Dog Food

Fromm Dog FoodIn 2007, Fromm dog foods, together with other natural dog food brands, have enjoyed a surge of interest and growth in sales due to the pet food recall of lesser quality dog food  brands that year. Many started to distrust the top major commercial brands in the market. Since Fromm produces premium holistic diet dog, using human-grade meats, fresh vegetables and vitamins they become a good choice by pet lovers.

The vegetables and fruits they use even come from the local farms and markets in Wisconsin. Hence, they also help businesses in their area. For the meat, they order this on a daily basis. This ensures that that the ingredients are the freshest possible ingredients. Each ingredient is inspected before actually processed into dry pet food formulas.

Fromm Dog FoodAll their products are protein rich. They use meat such as chicken, duck, salmon and whitefish. Together, with the right amount of probiotics and prebiotics, this food helps pets enjoy the benefits of better digestion.

Fromm dog food also have very high dog food ratings because their formulations have no fillers, hormones or artificial additives. Each of their product lines offer a well balanced nutrition depending on the needs of the pets. Learn more about Fromm dog food, and find out other helpful tips for your dog’s health when you go to the links in the article right now.

Blue Dog Food – The Right Choice

Blue Dog Food


Many people are being more aware of the food that they eat and their lifestyle in general, and many of these people choose Blue Dog Food. The past decade has proven to be an eye opener for many of us because many sicknesses and problems have risen from what we used to think were healthy foods. In fact, that is why there is a big growth in the “organic industry”. The same is true with dog food. Blue dog food, currently, is the top of mind brand for healthy, organic pet food. While commercial dog food is cheaper, natural food is still the healthier alternative that will benefit your dog in the long run. Blue Dog Food

Our pets do not have the right to choose the food that they eat. That is why it is our responsibility to make sure that we feed them with the best dog foods available. Blue Dog Food offers organic dog food that has the right balance of protein, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins that dogs need to lead a healthy long life. Their protein source comes from a variety of places like beef, turkey and lamb. These ingredients have the complete amino acids that our pets require for their best quality of life. You have to remember that our pets need a well-balanced diet to be active and happy.

Unlike many generic dog food, Blue Dog Food has a low level of carbohydrate content. They also offer a wide range of fruits and probiotics as part of the minor ingredients to give your dogs more nutrients and vitamins. Now, isn’t that what every pet owner wants for his pet?

Blue Dog Food for Cats? Blue Dog Food for Cats

Fortunately, Blue dog food now offers a variety of products not just limited to dogs. They have amazing products available for cats and other animals as well. Go ahead – try their products on your pet and see their tails wag with delight.

Blue Buffalo Dog FoodMost people think twice or thrice when investing in organic dog foods but it is only because they fail to see the bigger picture. You may think you are saving hundred dollars a year when you give them the commercial dog food but you do not realize that you will just end up paying double or triple your savings on medical or veterinary bills. So why not give your food the gift of health and buy the best dog foods in the market? Let them try Blue dog food and you will see an immediate improvement in their over-all appearance and health in general



Tips To Find The Best Dog Foods

Best Dog FoodsHow do you identify the best dog foods in the market? There are so many kinds of dog foods in the market today that one has to really take the time to research on the dog foods that are being offered. Before anything else, you must research on what is exactly used in the ingredients of the different brands. It is quite exhausting really but the effort you put in may determine the long term health of your dog.

Finding the Best Dog Foods

There are several categories of dog foods.  Let us focus on the best dry dog food in the market. In this category there are several high quality dog foods that always top the list of pet lovers and organizations. One of the things that people who know their dog foods look for is that there should be no grains or carbohydrates that come from potatoes. Also, the top four ingredients should be meat products. Of course dogs, like humans, may be allergic to some ingredientInnova Evos so you have to watch out for that. You also have to look at the contribution of each ingredient to the dog food because some dogs get an allergic reaction if the meat content is too high for their bodies.

A brand that always tops the best dog foods in the dry food category is Innova Evo due to its high-quality and balanced content. Another brand that is also mentioned as the preferred dry dog food is Orijen. This dog food is grain-free and contains a lot of meat products. It also lacks questionable or substandard ingredients – a quality numerous pet owners are always in search of.

You may also want to check out Buffalo Wilderness Duck Recipe and Taste of the Wild High Prairie. They are recommended by a number of pet-food advocates. Take note that the latter product may have “exotic” protein sources that have reportedly caused complications with dogs that have special food allergies.

Others on the Best Dog Foods List …

Other brands that have earned good marks for the dry dog food category are the Wellness Core, Solid Gold Barking at the Moon and the Natural Balance Ultra Premium. They are pretty reasonably priced and are said to be value for money that is why for many they are contenders as the best dog foods. Wellness Core

There are so many other brands in the market today that say they should be part of the list that dog owners should consider when buying the best dry dog food. There are commercial brands that have been here for the longest time and new organic brands that cater to a specific niche in the market. What is critical to remember when buying dog food is to constantly keep in mind the nutrients and minerals that will benefit your dog the most.

Each dog remains to be unique and in need of a specific ingredient to make him live a longer and happier healthy life. So go to your veterinarian and have your dog checked. Know what your dog needs and read the different labels. Base your decision on your dog’s health and your research. It will be more time consuming and will cost a few more dollars, but your dog will live longer and have a better quality of life when you give him the best dog foods available in the market. Now, who wants a happy and healthy dog today? Your dog will thank you if you feed him some of the best dog foods there are!

Best Rated Dog Food

Dog nutrition is an intebest rated dog foodgral part of dog health. You cannot expect to have a good looking and healthy dog if you feed him dog food that contains nutritional value equivalent to trash. You need to find out more about the best rated dog food so you can ensure your dog’s optimal health today.

Of course if it is any way possible, the most ideal diet to give your dog is still a natural and organic diet. This means you should make sure that you feed him fresh meat, with perhaps a smattering of fruits and vegetables. These are great sources of natural vitamins and minerals that every dog needs. Many people even recommend that you do not cook the food, the rawer it is, the better.

Now for some, this may be a little questionable. After all, you do not want your dog to get infected with some sort of ingested bacteria now would you? Keep in mind that the intestinal tract of canines are acidic so bacteria will not live long here. Furthermore, it is also short which means that any toxic substance will be expelled quickly.

However, for many well meaning pet owners, it is not possible to prepare a nutritional and natural meal plan for their pets. It may be because they lack the time, or they wouldn’t know how to do it. Whatever the reason might be, there are other healthy alternatives that ensure your pet will receive the vitamins he needs in order to maintain a healthy life.

Best Rated Dog Food Products


Best Rated Dog FoodThere are many dog food products in the market today. You will find a lot of commercial pet food that are vying for your attention. One important tip: don’t be lured by the attractive commercials and low prices. Remember, this is not what you should be looking for. The nutrient value of the food you serve is the most important factor in looking for dog food products.

I am telling you right now, best rated dog food does not come cheap. Cheap dog food is cheap because they use substandard ingredients in their products. Many of these generic dog foods contain meat parts and leftovers that are not fit for human consumption like beaks and claws and such. The bad taste and less than appealing look are covered up by a lot of chemicals and preservatives that will eventually prove to be detrimental to your pet’s health.

Best Rated Dog Food – What to Look For

Best Rated Dog FoodSo what do you look for? Look at the ingredients in the bag. The most ideal kind of dog food should have ingredients that closely resemble the original form. Dehydrated and freeze dried processing methods are the mildest forms of preserving the food so this is what you should be looking for. Always check with your vet first before making any changes in your dog’s diet. You want to make sure that what you are feeding him will not aggravate any potential health condition he might have.

If you are transitioning your dog to a natural diet to a dog food diet, make it gradual. When you suddenly change the meals you are feeding him, the dog will be stressed out. This may result in problems in his elimination and digestion. Slowly introduce the new food to him and lessen the former meals you are giving him. Over the course of two to four weeks, increase the new food plan and reduce the former one until he is completely on the new diet.

Discover the unbiased truth about the best rated dog food in the market today – your dog will be glad that you did.

Best Dog Foods

Best Dog FoodsYou won’t believe some of the horror stories I have heard about loving pet owners who have given their pet cheap dog food and lived to tell the tale. The commercial brands they may have used are different, but they are all unanimous in one aspect, if they had known, they would have invested in given their dogs the best dog foods instead.

Commercial dog food isn’t bad because they are cheap. Of course not. The problem is that realistically, healthy and high quality ingredients are not cheap. The reason why some brands can afford to lower the price on their products is because they use by-products of human food industries.

That sounds horrible, right? Well, it’s true. Many pet food brands are actually subsidiaries of human food and agricultural industries and they maximize their profits by giving these “leftovers”to their pet food division. Obviously this won’t look palatable or taste as appealing so they add in chemicals and preservatives to make it better. Unfortunately, over a period of time, harmful chemicals result in serious canine illnesses.

Avoid going the more expensive and worrisome route of having your dog sick and giving him treatments and medicines by ensuring that he has a healthy diet in the first place. Canine nutrition is an integral part of having a healthy and happy dog.

Best Dog FoodsThe best dog foods are still those that are natural and raw. There is nothing like feeding your dog excellent quality meat, fruits and vegetables in his meals. These are a great source of vitamins and minerals that your beloved canine needs. However, if you are unable to plan and prepare his best diet plan, it’s alright. You can find some really good dog food products in the market today.

One thing you have to remember about premium pet food is that the ingredients should be of the best quality. This will obviously be priced higher than the commercial fare but as we have mentioned before, a healthy dog is well worth the investment.

Make sure that the first ingredient listed is meat. This means that this is the primary food group used. Dogs are carnivores and they need meat in their diet. If the products used have no meat and are more supplemental in nature, then simply buy raw meat, chop them up, and mix them in your dog’s meal. Raw bones are also a great source of calcium and minerals. Chewing on them also helps in preventing bad doggie breath.

Best Dog FoodsThe most ideal processing method is by dehydration or freeze drying. This is virtually removing the liquid out of the ingredients so that the nutrients are more concentrated. When you soak them on water or thaw them out, your dog is getting food closest to its natural form.

Find out more about what make the best dog foods when you read other helpful articles in this site today. I now you love your dog and you want him to be as healthy and happy as possible like how I do mine. Enjoy!