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Service Dog Certification

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There have been a lot of talk about service dog certification. What is it and what is the contention all about? Learn the truth of this matter when you read this informative article today. First of all, let us find out what a service animal is. A service animal is defined as an animal that is specifically trained to assist… Read more »

Dog Food: Towards A Happy And Healthy Life

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Everyone loves dogs. However, they must rely on man’s care before they can survive and grow. This is the reason why owners should only give them only the best and healthiest dog food available in the market today. Many owners give importance to dog health and care. Dogs are not mere dolls and toys which you can play with but… Read more »

Natural Dog Food: Only Feed Your Dog With The Best And The Healthiest

Dogs deserve utmost care and attention from their owners. Indeed, dogs must receive a  basic level of care and attention in order to survive. Considered as one of the best dog meals today is natural dog food. Makers of many dog food brands claim that they produce the best natural dog food. However, many of them are filled with useless preservatives and synthetic… Read more »

Dog Information on the Best Food Brands

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Taking care of an animal entails a lot of responsibility. But if you use appropriate resources, then pet care need not be such a challenge. One of the first priorities to attend to with your dog is its health. The right dog information on healthy food brands leads to easier pet care. One of the popular alternatives is organic dog… Read more »

The Learning Dog: Healthy Treats To Reinforce Your Learning Pooch

Helping your dog to learn new tricks and follow obedience commands can be facilitated in various ways. However, if you would like to use a safe and easy process to encourage him to participate, try feeding him with dog treats to reinforce him. Using treats as the primary component of your reward-punishment system is a good means for your pet… Read more »

Give Your Pet The Food He Deserves, Go For Natural Dog Food

Perhaps there is no more enduring symbol of lasting friendship than that of a man and his dog. It is a union that started ever since canines accompanied humans during their travels across borders. A dog is still man’s best friend; he or she will never be upgraded, outdated or replaced. Since dogs have never ceased to make us happy,… Read more »

Dog Treats: Choosing Healthy Snacks That Your Dog Will Love

Dog treats play an essential role in maintaining the balance of your pets’ diet and something that they anticipate everyday because they differ in taste than the common meals you provide to them. However, you must take into account that not all treats are equivalent to each other and not all of them function the same way. With these facts… Read more »

Appropriate Pet Food For Pregnant Pooches

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Food for Pregnant Dogs   Pregnant dogs need to have highly specialized diets to ensure that their puppies will develop properly. As a dog owner, you have to list pregnant dog care at the top of your priorities and you must take into consideration that the food you would serve to your pet will directly affect her general health and… Read more »

How To Select Appropriate Dog Food For Puppies

It is essential to have a special dog food for puppies especially in their formative years. As opposed to full grown dogs, puppies have unique dietary and nutritional requirements that can be better catered to by certain kinds of meals that are especially formulated for their life stage. In fact, many puppy meals contain more proteins than adult canine maintenance… Read more »

The Different Dog Worms Types

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One of the most common problems all our dogs have to deal with is worm infestation. I mean even pregnant dogs that have worms transmit them to her unborn baby, which means the little pup will be born already with worms. There are different kinds of worms and many times, each kind will necessitate a different approach and treatment. Here… Read more »